The Best Family Every

Hi my name is Jordan Curry.I live in a rich house with my dad Steph Curry and my mom Ashley Curry.My dad is a famous basketball player who plays with the Golden State.My mom is a cook on tv.Now let me talk about myslef.I am in the 5 grade,I like to play sports.My faviort sports are baseball,basketball,and football.i have two frinds.their names are collin and gavin.i just got to the gym for my dads basketball game vs the cavlivers.there are a whole lot of reportes wating on my dad to ariver.this is our big problem is trying not to get stop by the dad call some people on the phone gto see if they want to five people singed up to be our gards.


White oak news paper

reporter:today at the city park a dog name ike was lose.He was a white furry dog a red lish.i just got some more news that a dog was almost ran over by a truck driver  trying to get to the news.truck driver:so i just ate some nochos and i git in my truck and it was raining i could not i turn on my windshild wappers and i saw a dog.but then a dog knocks the other dog,he was a white and he had a red lish.owner:i am so glad that my dog was found.

Gold Rush

There was gold found in California.A man name James Marshall.When I heard the gold was found I went to go live in California.When I got to California I saw people getting off ships,wagon trains and the California trail.The population had increased about 50,000. Immigrants all over the world to see the gold.When I was there I saw Indians on land ,that was unpopulated.The Indians were force off their land.There was a BIG boomtown that had a lot of people living there.Forty Niners had been there to reach the gold that James Marshall found.When i was there I found me some gold myself. My trip was to go to California to find me some gold.After all, it turn out find.

Patriot Poem

George Washington was born February 22 ,1732 Pope Creek Westmoreland.

Served two terms as the U.S. president.

Was raised in the Colonial Virginia.

Work as surveyor.

George Washington.

Frinch  Indian war.

Was commander chief in revolutonary .

Elected president of convention wrote constitution.

During revolution led colonal forces to victory over the British.…/General_George_Washington_at_Trenton_by_John_Trumbull-1tq7i4w.jpeg